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Atmatva means ‘essence of life’.

With a vision to spread wellbeing and happiness, and a belief that life is a continuous journey of discovery, of evolving, learning and re-learning, Atmatva is here to revolutionize your life and assist you in discovering your true potential.

We conduct meditation sessions, stress-management workshops for corporates and schools, Arhatic Yoga practices, Pranic Healing courses and healing sessions for physical, emotional & mental ailments. Counselling for relationship healing & improving businesses. We also undertake pranic facelift & body sculpting sessions. Our healing sessions and stress-management workshops are available online as well.

At the heart of everything we do are the teachings of Grand Master Choa Kok Sui (the founder of Modern Pranic Healing & Arhatic Yoga). We are committed to spreading his priceless teachings.

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The "Pranic" way of life

What is Pranic Healing?

“Prana”, a sanskrit word, means “life-force” which is the vital energy that keeps us alive. Pranic healing is an ancient no-touch energy healing system developed by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui that utilises the laws of the Universe, and works on our energy centers to maintain and restore good health and all-rounded wellness.

Pranic Healing®

Pranic Healing is a comprehensive system of alternative healing and chakra balancing that follows a structured and specific approach. Pranic Healing follows a unique no-touch methodology that focuses on the application of pranic energy to prevent and correct any energy imbalances which are the main causes of physical and psychological disease.

The main principle behind pranic healing is the interdependence of the physical body and the energetic field or aura. Our bodies have the innate ability to heal and for this to happen, we need life-force. By systematically correcting any imbalances, and setting a new pattern of energy, the body’s natural ability to heal is accelerated and supported.

Meditation on Twin Hearts

The Meditation on Twin Hearts is an advanced meditation for achieving peace and illumination. It is one of the most effective techniques for uplifting physical, mental and emotional health; enhance relationships, harmony, spiritual development and achieve positive life transformation.

Meditation on Twin Hearts®

The Secret is in the Heart

The chakras in our body are gateways to higher consciousness and entry points of prana into our energy body. The Meditation on Twin Hearts is ‘spiritual technology’ that focuses mainly on two main energy centers:

1) The Heart Center which is the center for emotional love, peace and compassion and
2) The Crown Center which is the center for Universal Love, Higher Intuition and the entry point of Divine energy. By activating these two centers and aligning them, one can experience peace, happiness and Illumination. It also heals and revitalizes the body, mind and soul.

Contact us for a free session to learn this simple yet powerful 20 minute meditation.

What is Arhatic Yoga?

“Arhat” is a Pali term that means “Soul-realized”. Arhatic Yoga is the “Synthesis of yogas” and in the higher levels, the “Yoga of synthesis”. It is a complete system of highly evolved meditation techniques and purification practices developed by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui that allow for rapid and safe spiritual evolution.

Arhatic Yoga®

It is said that the number of types of yoga that exist in the world is as many as the types of personalities and people in the world. From hatha yoga and karma yoga to mantra yoga and more, have you wondered which yoga you need to focus on?

Arhatic Yoga, designed by Master Choa Kok Sui is the essence of all the yogas. It distils the wisdom from these innumerable paths into a simple and methodical system to reach your true potential and manifest your greatness. Arhatic Yoga includes powerful meditations, breathing exercises, and advanced purifications that guarantee safe and rapid spiritual development.

It is highly practical and has been crafted keeping in mind the modern lifestyle since it does not require you to sacrifice your work, family or simple pleasures to grow spiritually. It focuses on the practice of the five virtues and the five pillars which equip you with a holistic approach to life and evolution.

In essence, Arhatic Yoga is a way of life.

Are you ready to experience the amazing power of Arhatic Yoga in your life? Get in touch with us to know more.

Our Workshops

Atmatva pranic healing


Get introduced to the wonderful world of energy which impacts us in physical as well psychological way. Learn a simple yet powerful set of physical exercises to make our aura strong and healthy.Know more…

advanced pranic healing


Advanced Pranic Healing is filled with techniques and methods to produce very rapid healings. This course will enlighten your Divine Healing.Know more…



Pranic Psychotherapy is a revolution in treating psychological ailments to remove the negative thoughts and emotions, thereby improving our health. Know more…

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Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul is a course specially designed to help you discover the miracle of who you truly are. Know more…



Learn which crystals and stones are appropriate for which purpose. Learn how to increase your healing power with the use of crystals.
Know more…



Pranic Psychic Self Defense is specially tailored to protect you from negative and destructive energy patterns. Know more…

About the Persona behind Atmatva
Dr. Nina Saxena

I believe, and so I am – Nina Saxena

Nina is a spiritual coach and counsellor who helps you design your life from a place of infinite possibility. A trained physiotherapist, teacher, entrepreneur, healer, and counsellor, she excels at unlocking the potential of creative power that she believes you have within you. Know more…

Ongoing Online Events

Meditation on Twin Hearts
Every Monday & Friday

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Upcoming Course Schedule

Self Pranic Healing workshop

Online Self Pranic Healing workshop with Nina Saxena and Ankita Agarwal
30April -3 rd May

Registration link to be shared shortly

Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul workshop

Online Soul workshop with Raja Meghani and Neha Jain

5-8 April
6:00 pm to 10:30 pm.  

Register at: https://bit.ly/47USMDy

In-person workshops

Offline workshop schedule:

  1. Basic Pranic Healing   (6-7 April)              Register at: https://bit.ly/4azMDhF
  2. Advance Pranic Healing (20-21 April)         Register at: https://bit.ly/3vp96zf
  3. Pranic Psychotherapy (27-28 April)         Register at: https://bit.ly/3IYr2Uj

Pranic Healing with Medicine
Dr. Nina Saxena



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