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Live empowered. Live inspired. Live energised.

Do you want to transform your life? 

…Achieve a level of success you’ve only imagined? 

…Earn the kind of money you deserve? 

…Enjoy loving relationships, excellent health and live your life’s purpose?

Atmatva has the support, tools and specialised attention tailored to make this happen for you.

We offer a range of online, no-touch therapy & healing sessions that use powerful, proven strategies to bring you the results that you desire.

What you can achieve:

  • Infuse love into your relationships & heal them with our special chakra balancing & counselling sessions.
  • Forge ahead with success and remove blocks in your career or business.
  • Magnify your bank account with our prosperity and abundance healing sessions.
  • Reach your peak fitness and showcase your best self with our no-touch, pranic facelift & body sculpting sessions.
  • Heal a range of physical ailments from allergies and skin issues to bad posture, vertigo and back ache.
  • De-stress from your daily life and create a beautiful balance between work and family life.
  • Heal emotional and psychological issues such as addictions, fears and phobias and activate courage and dynamism in your personality.

We excel at accelerating transformation in every part of your life. 

Our alternative therapy one-to-one sessions are available online as well as in person. Our distance healing sessions have had stunning results. 

Once you decide you want a session with us, we will design a personalised solution to your specific needs. Focused on boosting your strengths and advancing your progress, our healing sessions are guaranteed to support you in reaching your goals. 

Check out our weekly schedule for courses & workshops.

Get in touch for a life transforming session today.

pranic healing

Improve your happiness quotient

MCKS Meditation on Twin Hearts

The Secret is in the Heart

Have you yearned to experience the peace & joy that a powerful meditation creates?

Join us for a meditation experience unlike any other!

The Meditation on Twin Hearts by Master Choa Kok Sui is a powerful “spiritual technology” to manifest success, experience peace, happiness and revitalize the body, mind and soul.

Contact us for a free session to learn this simple yet powerful 20 minute meditation.


Pranic Spa

Pranic Healing

Claim The Best Version of You!

Contact us to shine from within and look your best. 

Book a pranic facial to get rid of undereye puffiness, decrease wrinkles, lose weight, gain weight, for body sculpting, or just to enjoy a revitalizing crystal spa experience to relax and rejuvenate the body. 

Limited spots available. Book an appointment now!  

Stress Management
- A New You!

Do you feel stressed and overwhelmed on a daily basis?

Do you wake up feeling stressed about the day ahead? Do you experience dread on Sunday evenings thinking of the week ahead?

Get in touch to learn simple and incredibly effective stress busting techniques that can transform the manner in which you experience and live your life.

Book an appointment for a free session on shedding stress for good!


Fulfill your amazing potential (healing sessions/ ph workshops- separate description of each workshop)


Revitalise & renew

Contact us to heal and rebalance your energy body to be free of physical, emotional, mental ailments or disturbances…or simply to recharge & relax yourself. Book an appointment today.


The quick path to Intelligence (The smart way to become smart)

SuperBrain Yoga

Recharge Your Brain in 14 Seconds

Learn an ancient technique, rediscovered, clearly defined & scientifically researched by Master Choa to improve your focus, concentration and memory. In less than 30 seconds, your brain can get an incredible boost.

Limited spots available. Book an appointment now! 

Pranic Healing & Arhatic Yoga Center

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