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Basic Pranic Healing®

The Power of Prana at Your Fingertips

Did you know that your success is related to how strong and powerful your energy body is? This workshop teaches you how to work with the energy centres in your body to unlock amazing levels of success, prosperity, happiness, intelligence, health and love in your life. Reaching your goals, being at your physical best, and doing what you love will no longer be just a dream. 

This two-day workshop equips you with an efficient and systematic approach to learn and apply the techniques of energy healing on yourself as well as others.

Open to all above age 16

These are the highlights of this two day workshop:

  • A thorough knowledge of the energy body
  • Chakras and their functions
  • How to scan or feel energy
  • How to heal yourself & others
  • Simple yet powerful breathing techniques to increase our energy
  • The Universal Law of Karma and the Golden Rule

The Meditation on Twin Hearts – a powerful tool to raise your consciousness and to cleanse, heal and energise your body, and to achieve peace and illumination

Mental, emotional & physical recharging methods

Healing simple ailments like cough, colds to healing more complex and chronic ailments including the protocols for diabetes, high blood pressure, musculo-skeletal ailments and cancer to cite a few

Distant Pranic healing

and much more…

Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul®

Discover Your True Self

Periods of uncertainty, difficulties and confusion can often trigger feelings of fear, loss and make us question our identity and our life purpose. This workshop is your answer to all those times.

Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul is a course specially designed to help you discover the miracle of who you truly are. It teaches you simple techniques and meditations that lead to clarity, productivity and high energy levels.

You can look forward to enjoying your life while excelling at your career and achieving your mission in life. Magnify the development of each and every aspect of your life by implementing the teachings in this course. It also guides you to a safe and quick path of spiritual evolution and enlightenment. This is truly a transformational workshop that we recommend everyone attend.

Open to all above age 16

These are the highlights of this two day workshop:

  • Ancient meditations, kept secret for centuries.
  • Techniques that allow you to accelerate the Union of your incarnated soul with your Higher Soul
  • Inner Secrets of: the Blue Pearl, the 12th Chakra, the Medical Caduceus to Raise the Kundalini Shakti, the Silver Cords.
  • Techniques to release old emotional baggage and create positive changes in all your relationships and to experience Spiritual Intimacy with your loved ones
  • Use Words of Power (mantras) to quickly achieve Inner Stillness
  • Experience “Coming Home and Being One with All”
  • Experience the unique state of Total Peace and Expansion of Consciousness and Awareness within minutes of meditation.
  • Discover the true Nature of Your Soul and its journey through timeless incarnations.
  • Learn how your Soul chooses your parents and place of birth
  • Know the exact location of the 12th Chakra and its function
  • Experience the Inner Light and Intense Bliss of the “Blue Pearl” or the “Seed of Consciousness” within you.

Learn the existence of energetic seeds in your auric field and how they affect your Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical lives. Experience your Soul in everyday life.

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Higher worskhops

Advance Pranic Healing®

The Magic of Colour Prana

Have you wanted to create brilliant and rapid change through healing for yourself and others? Advanced Pranic Healing, is the second level of healing that is designed to teach you how to use colour pranas effectively with the right hue and proportion. 

You will also learn advanced scanning techniques to know the condition of the person in detail, perform specialized healing for chronic ailments in a short period of time and step-by-step techniques to purify the blood, the internal organs and boost the immune system. The special Meditation on Twin Hearts with Self-Healing ensures that your body is strong and powerful.

Eligibility: Basic Pranic Healing Graduates

These are the highlights of this two day workshop:

  • Color prana and their properties and their proper usage for cleansing, energising and healing various ailments.
  • Advanced Scanning Techniques that help assess and heal the imbalances of the energy body more rapidly and effectively
  • Powerful and unique healing techniques for rapid healing of wounds, cellular regeneration, cleansing of the internal organs, cleansing of the blood and other techniques to boost and strengthen the immune system.
  • Systematic protocols for auto-immune diseases, diseases of the circulatory system including stroke and various heart ailments, diseases of the gastro-intestinal system, reproductive system, endocrine system, ENT, cancer etc.
  • Divine healing and Instructive healing

and much more…

Pranic Psychotherapy®

Using Energy to Transform Thoughts, Emotions & Your Mind

While all of us yearn for a peaceful and happy life, there are so many ways that stress and distress become part of daily life. Pranic Psychotherapy is a specialized workshop that teaches you how to effectively heal stressors of all types, phobias, and mental & emotional imbalances. 

From advanced techniques that resolve psychological disorders and unhealthy patterns to ways of identifying negative emotions and trauma lodged in the aura and chakras, this workshop covers it all. 

Liberate your success by removing negative programming blocking it and use powerful self-healing techniques for stress, grief, anxiety, irritability and more. Effective shielding techniques and an amazing Twin Hearts Meditation with Chakral Healing are also among the many gifts of this workshop. 

Eligibility: Advance Pranic Healing Graduates

These are the highlights of this two day workshop:

  • Healing for stress, tension, irritability, grief and anxiety, including self-healing techniques.
  • Healing of phobias and addictions to smoking, alcohol, drugs, including eating disorders, compulsive behaviors, and depression.
  • Eliminating negative thought patterns and/or negative self-limiting programming that may have been a result of trauma, or abuse in the past.
  • Cleansing the aura of all types of negative influences of others around you, like for example envy, jealousy, anger, etc. including healing the effects of psychic attacks that can lead to anxiety attacks, irritability, bad luck or even financial losses.
  • Shielding techniques that protect the chakras and the aura from further psychic contamination.

and much more…

Pranic Crystal Healing®

Magnify Your Healing Skills with Crystals

Discover the brilliant properties of crystals and learn to magnify your healing power! 

Pranic Crystal Healing is a workshop that is a thorough foundational primer on everything that you need to know about using and applying crystals and gemstones for healing, relationships, prosperity and spirituality. 

Learn how to quickly and effectively extract negative emotions and patterns from chakras and auras and increase your healing power 200 times. You also learn to use crystals for protection, and the methods of cleansing, programming and energising a crystal, among many other useful topics.

Eligibility: Pranic Psychotherapy Graduates

These are some of the highlights of this one-day workshop:

  • Increase your healing power by 200 times or more by using special crystals.
  • Understand the five factors that determine the real potency of a crystal.
  • Program crystals for healing.
  • Rapidly and easily extract negative emotions and diseased energies from your aura Activate and revitalise your chakras.
  • Use the crystals as protective tools that prevent contamination during healing.
  • Consecrate crystals to make them more powerful by 1000 percent or more.
  • Consecrate personal jewelry like rings, pendants and bracelets to attract good health and prosperity for yourself and your loved ones, and also for your work.
  • Use crystals as protective amulets against psychic attacks.
  • Use power rings, the secret of magicians and master healers, for power, healing and prosperity.
  • Use crystals for anchoring specific energies and learn which crystals and stones are appropriate for which purpose.
  • Understand why wearing the wrong crystals or gems could cause financial hardships or aggravate health issues.

and much more…

Practical Psychic Self-Defense®

Energetic Protection For You, Your Family & Home

The world is an ocean of different types of energies and not all energies are good for us. Pranic Psychic Self-Defense® is a workshop that is designed to teach you how to protect yourself, your loved ones, your belongings, your home and work place from negative and destructive energies. 

Learn to defend yourself from psychic attacks, negative intentions, malicious entities and energetic pollution. You will learn quick and effective techniques such as closing your aura to prevent intrusions and hot to safeguard yourself spiritually, mentally, emotional, physically and financially.

Eligibility: Pranic Psychotherapy Graduates

These are some of the highlights of this one-day workshop:

  • Simple and quick techniques to close the aura to prevent contamination from psychic intrusions.
  • A deeper understanding of psychic attacks, how they affect us, and how to protect ourselves from them.
  • Using psychic self defense techniques to protect your business, home and workplace, to ensure prosperity and harmony.
  • Techniques to protect your business as well finances from envious thoughts and negative vibes of others.
  • Shielding techniques for yourself and your family, shielding personal belongings, and your finances.
  • Different types of multi-dimensional shields to protect ourselves on various planes: etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual.
  • Remedial techniques for previous psychic attacks.
  • Using ancient magic circles for powerful Divine protection with the help of Angels, Masters and Teachers.

and much more…