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Fireblocks Surpasses $30 Billion in Digital Asset Transfers

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Fireblocks is an easy to use platform to create new blockchain based products, and manage day-to-day digital asset operations. Neobanks Monetize digital assets and grow your crypto customer base. Fireblocks raises a $30 million Series B to continue building its crypto backend that already has handled more than $150 billion in digital asset transfers. Now, the reason this becomes important is this idea of a single point of compromise or the private key coming together represents a single attack vector for a malicious malicious actor to actually overtake the private key and theoretically overtake your assets. And we’ve seen more and more providers in the space move towards MPC.

Talos Announces Integration with BCB Group – PR Newswire

Talos Announces Integration with BCB Group.

Posted: Wed, 15 Feb 2023 09:30:00 GMT [source]

She is an active Board Member at the Weizmann Young European Network . If Cyverse AG was about creating value to the Israeli startups through bringing the right enterprise customers, Cyverse Capital is about bringing the right kind of capital into these startups – coming from the DACH region. Though officially launched today, the Payments Engine has already been used by during its pilot phase to settle around $1 billion in crypto transactions. Transactcloud provides managed hosting, system integration and 24/7 operations support.

Talking Heads: Fireblocks’ Ben Wilton on Why Tokenization Will Change the World

Platform-Icon Fireblocks Network The most connected institutional network gives you fast and secure on-chain settlement. Fireblocks is a New York-based enterprise and computer software company. Dr Sven Lorenz has been responsible for IT as Vice President of Information Technology and CIO at Dr. Ing. h.c. Lorenz studied Information Technology and Business Administration at the University of Karlsruhe and the University of Oregon in the USA. After winning a scholarship from the IBM Scientific Centre he achieved his doctorate in the field of artificial intelligence, in natural language understanding, and undertook research at the Institute for Natural Language Processing at the University of Stuttgart.

  • Ability to easily understand and pitch new products and technology, focusing on value prop.
  • And we’ve seen more and more providers in the space move towards MPC.
  • ISA is looking to squeeze digital assets into already existing securities laws, which would allow it to treat them as financial investments.
  • I mean, the people who want to launch projects can work with providers that allows them to really scale.

Tassat is a financial technology company that provides solutions to financial markets utilizing blockchain-based technologies to enable asset transfer and settlement. The Asia-Pacific offices will be co-managed by Amy Zhang, VP of Sales Asia, and Stephen Richardson, VP of Product Strategy, who will have the pleasure to bring this next generation of tech innovation to probably the most mature digital asset markets globally. As a team, they will support current clients and onboard all new exchanges and institutions during its patent-pending Secure Transfer Environment. If a counterparty holds custody of your crypto or digital assets, there is no replacement for due diligence in terms of risk management, security…

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But absolutely, we will support all the PSPS around the world to enable that for the end merchants. Save as much as 67% on gas fees when transferring funds, thanks to Fireblocks’ cutting-edge Multi-Party Computation technology. The solution offers quick access to fiat-to-crypto conversion, cross-border internal settlement, micropayments, and merchant adoption with lower processing fees. Another proposal will define crypto as “digital representations” of value that are used for financial investment that can be transferred using a distributed ledger. Fintech and blockchain services platform providing with the vision of making crypto simple.

Maximize your fireblocks singapore, reduce counterparty risk, and unlock new revenue opportunities. And so I think there’s been probably one of the bad things so far is there’s been this race towards launching things in the market, without, you know, managing the risk of operating in the market, right. And a lot of the times where we try to say is, you need to think about both, okay, it’s not good enough to just launch a product or our project, and get into market and get users but then be insecure, right?

Instantaneous Settlement

Customers get improved access to liquidity and instant settlement with a network of 450+ lending, liquidity and trading partners and aren’t bound to Anchorage’s limited roadmap. Banks and licensed FIs won’t depend on another licensed bank that competes for their retail or prime brokerage customers. Fireblocks’ self-custody and deep integration, DeFi and tokenization roadmap make it a better long term strategic partner. Fireblocks offers more advanced MPC wallet technology that is more secure, flexible and cost effective compared to BitGo’s antiquated multi-sig wallet technology. MPC wallets offer significant scalability advantages compared to multi-sig wallets and greater compatibility with a wide range of blockchain protocols. Because MCP wallets can conduct operations off-chain, they offer significant cost advantages when it comes to Ethereum operations, saving up to 90% compared to multi-sig solutions for Ethereum wallet and transaction management.

Who is Fireblocks competitor?

  • BitGo.
  • Anchorage Digital.
  • Taurus.
  • Liminal.
  • GK8.
  • TMIA.
  • Safeheron.

Get higher transaction speeds; greater developer access, and store; and EVM-compatible, for easy porting of Ethereum based apps. Careers Hiring Join our team of experts and grow your career at the industry’s hottest tech company. OTC / Brokerage Transform settlement operations and strengthen security. Exchanges Drive trading volume without sacrificing security or operational efficiency. Join the global network of Fintech and Web3 professionals and investors. Have a look at the company, clients and references to learn whether this is a match for you.

Through the Fireblocks Console, users can connect and trade on over 30 exchanges, including Huobi. The Off-Exchange solution is offered to users who want greater control over their own assets, allowing users to enjoy the various benefits of the exchange while avoiding the risk of a centralized malfunction. We help institutional clients whether you are an exchange, a trading firm, a bank to build a digital asset infrastructure that allows them to store the digital asset in a secure manner, and allows them to transfer the digital asset in an efficient and secure way. More importantly, if you take that a step further, when you think about all the functions you can do on the blockchain, ie men’s burn contract call, you can use Fireblocks to help you to do really anything within the last few space. The people behind Fireblocks, the platform, which prides itself on secure transfers,revealedthat it has already ensured $30 billion in transfers of digital assets.

  • Fireblocks is an enterprise-grade platform delivering secure infrastructure for moving, storing, and issuing digital assets.
  • And so basically, what used to be a process that was eight times longer has now been compressed.
  • It’s taken them months, if not years to develop wallet capabilities for you know, Bitcoin or Ethereum, let alone the 40 other blockchains and the multiple different tokens that exist in this space, and the new and emerging use cases.
  • RSK is a Layer 2 DeFi platform that enables Dapps to be built around Bitcoin, which allows you to lend, borrow, trade and earn interest on BTC through DeFi.

You now as an institution – You can come to a place like Fireblocks, and we can help you to build out your whole entire infrastructure to the way you need from a wallet perspective. Currently, MPC with Fireblocks has been implemented by several APAC organizations that want to grow their digital asset portfolios, such as Blitz Group, Amber Group, and the Three Arrows Capital crypto hedge fund. Fireblocks users will now be able to access BSC-based trading, lending, and staking apps and store and transfer its native token BNB and BEP20 format tokens in Fireblocks’ secure environment. Tokenization is the digital representation of real-world assets on the blockchain whether they are stablecoins, bonds, commercial paper, or physical property.

Fireblocks streamlines operations by bringing all your exchanges, OTCs, counterparties, hot wallets, and custodians into one platform. Fireblocks was listed as #9 in the Top NYC Startups list by Growjo. Wallets, deposit addresses, and API credentials are secured using patent-pending chip isolation technology and the newest breakthrough in cryptography . Institutions are using Fireblocks to move funds securely in seconds instead of hours. For institutions that need to store and move digital assets without the operational or security headache. Institutions are using Fireblocks to move funds securely in seconds – instead of hours.

We have a comprehensive onboarding and training program for all new employees. “Not your, not your crypto” is a common phrase in the world of digital assets, and for good reason. We recommend that all organizations working with crypto, web3 or digital assets implement transaction policies. ResourcesFind out how Fireblocks helps customers solve the biggest challenges around digital asset security and operations. PSPs Offer merchants unparalleled payment services with digital assets. Simon is a seasoned Security Leader with over 12 years of experience in the field of Cyber-Security.

Anchorage is a digital asset custodian engineered to provide security and the benefits of asset accessibility, including capturing yield from staking and inflation, voting, auditing proof of existence, and fast transactions. Ledger leverages encrypted chips technology to build security solutions GAL for cryptocurrencies and blockchains. The company builds hardware wallets for consumers, hardware security modules for enterprises and hardware oracles for the IoT world. Fireblocks is a more complete solution, giving customers direct custody of assets and avoiding the inefficiencies of using sub-custody.

Is Fireblocks profitable?

Fireblocks operates on a SaaS model for using its platform. The company made $60 million in revenue in 2021, growing from 150 to 800 customers with a target to double its customer count to 1,800 by 2023. Though they call themselves the SWIFT of crypto, Fireblocks only charges subscription fees without transaction fees.

BitGo provides a bitcoin security platform to mitigate risk and optimizes capital efficiency. It offers a multi-signature wallet, portfolio management, corporate treasury, and enterprise enablement to secure Bitcoin from theft and loss. The company was founded in 2013 and is based in Palo Alto, California. When working with digital assets or crypto, it can be difficult to know how many organizations and teams have access to your XRP private keys… Fireblocks continues to provide support for the largest financial operators in the industry such as B2C2, Celsius, Genesis Global Trading, Galaxy Digital, Woorton, Dunamis, GSR, Blockfills, LGO, Nexo and more.

Blockhead spoke to Fireblocks‘ director of sales engineering, Ben Wilton, on tokenisation’s future and why he thinks it can change the world. And so basically, what used to be a process that was eight times longer has now been compressed. Which means that we still get the same speed efficiencies or similar speed efficiencies as you know, other transaction signing model. Now all they have to do is to speak to their merchants and if they want to use crypto as a form of payments, they can work with your PSPs like I don’t think we will be in the business of convincing merchants to use us directly.


Get a free, personalized salary estimate based on today’s job market. Securely access the full range of DeFi protocols for strategies like decentralized exchange trading, lending/borrowing, staking, and yield farming. Fantom, an innovative Layer-1, EVM-compatible blockchain platform intended to improve upon Ethereum’s scalability issues, is now available on Fireblocks. RSK is a Layer 2 DeFi platform that enables Dapps to be built around Bitcoin, which allows you to lend, borrow, trade and earn interest on BTC through DeFi. Optimism is a Layer 2 DeFi platform that aims to improve Ethereum’s scalability and reduce gas fees by up to 100x. Celo is unique among L1 protocols because of its humanitarian mission to bring prosperity to everyone through mobile-focused dApps and crypto payments.


Through its proprietary platform Hex Safe, we deliver custody, DeFi, brokerage, and financing solutions for financial institutions, digital asset organizations, corporate and private clients. Hex Trust has offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Vietnam and is expanding across Europe and the Middle East. Copper operates a crypto custody and prime broking platform for digital assets. Fireblocks is providing secure infrastructure for transferring, stashing, and issuing digital assets.

is an enterprise-grade platform delivering a secure infrastructure for moving, storing, and issuing digital assets & cryptocurrencies. Here at Fireblocks, we enable financial institutions to securely build, run and scale digital asset operations through the Fireblocks Network and MPC-based Wallet Infrastructure. Digital assets are protected from cyber-attacks, internal collusion, and human error using next-generation multi-layer technology. Fireblocks is the only platform that provides insurance for digital assets in storage, transfer, and E&O. For institutional traders that need to move digital assets without the operational or security headache.

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